Appliance Maintenance 101

43082554 - young repairman with spanner looking inside the washing machineWe use our appliances every day. Washing dishes, cooking dinner, doing laundry — they are an important part of all our household chores and daily experiences.

It’s easy to take them for granted. We put dishes in the dishwasher and they come out sparkling. We throw a load in the dryer and we get warm, crisp sheets. The fridge keeps produce fresh, which we cook in the oven or on the stove…these appliances do their job!

But doing the job is hard work. And these appliances need a little love!

Don’t wait until something goes wrong to get your appliances serviced. They’re used regularly, so they should be regularly checked out. Prevention is the key to keeping your home running smoothly!

Check your appliance manuals and instructions to see the recommended service timeline. Each type of appliance will have a different schedule. For example, washers and dryers should likely be serviced once a year, while an oven can go over five years without needing any maintenance work.

Too often we wait until something has gone wrong to call the repairmen and report a problem. But when this is the case, repairs can be intense. They issues are worse, the repairs more expensive — and they leave you without a working appliance for some time! Which, if nothing else, is a major pain.

Your appliances help let your life run smoothly. So you need to help them run smoothly! Don’t forget to get them checked out with regularity to avoid any bigger problems from occurring. Remember, an expert is only a call away!

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