Don’t forget the appliances!

15374915_SSpring is in the air!

As the seasons shift and the start of spring is right around the corner, we’re all thinking about new beginnings. It’s a chance to refresh — which leaves us all ready for spring cleaning.

When you think about spring cleaning, you probably think about making room in your closets. It’s time to donate old clothes and unwanted knick-knacks, and finally toss out some of that unnecessary junk you’ve been hoarding in your drawers.

You’re also probably ready to scour down your home, cleaning places you probably never get to in your routine sweeping and dusting. It’s time to get every inch of your house feeling fresh!

And while you’re doing this, we want to encourage you to not forget about your appliances. They’re being used on a daily basis, and as a result they’re probably experiencing some wear and tear. And we think your refrigerator, washing machine and all those other appliances deserve to feel as fresh as the rest of your place as the new season begins!

While you’re cleaning the kitchen, organizing the laundry room or — if you’re brave enough — cleaning out the basement, don’t forget to check in on your appliances. Make sure they’re running smoothly, clean, and operating at a top level.

If anything seems amiss, or if you just want a general check in on these appliances, give us a call! We’re happy to come and make sure everything is up to par so you can start spring feeling refreshed in every aspect of your life!

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