Easy maintenance tips for your clothes dryer

43305967_SAccording to Consumer Reports, your clothes dryer should last ten years or more. However, the life of your dryer (and all of your appliances) has a lot to do with the care and maintenance you put into them. Clothes dryers are easy to take care of, and much of the routine maintenance can be handled without the help of a professional.

Let’s discuss a few simple checks and fixes you can perform on your own to make sure your dryer lasts a long time and works efficiently:

Clean the Lint Trap - Did you know that lint that builds up in the clothes dryer causes thousands of house fires across the United States every year? Something as simple as remembering to clean out the lint on a regular, frequent basis can really save your family from experiencing a major nightmare that could lead to loss of life, or at the very least, damage to your home.

Clock the Drying Time - If you notice that your clothes still feel damp at the end of the drying cycle, it could mean there’s a buildup of lint in the ventilation system. Your dryer vent should be cleaned at least once per year. You can attempt to do this yourself, or call us to schedule a service appointment.

Clear the Vent Cap - Locate your dryer’s ventilation cap on the exterior of your home. It will either look like a large spout (if you have the hood style) or a grate (if you have the louvered style). Take a moment to clear any leaves, snow, or other debris away from the vent. Doing this will prevent blockages, which can cause fires.

If you’re experiencing issues that you don’t feel comfortable addressing on your own, schedule a service call with one of our friendly, factory-trained and certified technicians.

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