Give your home a mini upgrade in just an hour or two

9087485_SWhen you own a home, it seems like your “to do” list is never-ending. On the top of the list are things that are causing you major headaches like a broken faucet or screen door. After those things are addressed, you have the routine items that can’t be avoided such as vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and raking the leaves. After that, you have things like cleaning the oven and re-seeding the lawn. These are things that would be nice to do, but often get put off for more urgent tasks.

In order to make your house run more efficiently (and more safely) these list items should be addressed on a regular basis. It can be helpful to group together a few of these tasks and tackle them on a weekend once each season. It doesn’t take a ton of time, and you’ll feel accomplished after knocking these off your to-do list.

Here’s a list of tasks you can accomplish this weekend to make sure your home is set until springtime rolls around:

    • Upgrade your detectors – replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if needed, or simply swap out the batteries.
    • Change your furnace filter – this should be done twice a year. An easy way to remember when to change your filter is once during NFL training camp and once during the postseason.
    • Check your water softener – If you use a water softener, check it and replenish salt if necessary.
    • Inspect fire extinguishers – You should have an extinguisher on each level of your home. Check the expiration and the gauge to ensure pressure levels are where they should be.

In addition to these easy DIY tasks, your dryer and kitchen vents (over your stove) should be cleaned out. They can become clogged with dust, grease, and other debris, which is a significant fire hazard. This job is best done by professionals with the adequate tools to do the job well. Now’s a great time to schedule this service and feel a little safer in your home.

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