Is your refrigerator running (at its best)?

69611601 - open refrigerator filled with fresh fruits and vegetableWhen it comes to appliances, there are few more used than your refrigerator. It’s constantly working for you — keeping your food fresh even when you’re out of the house or fast asleep. It’s always running.

But how do you know when your refrigerator isn’t running at its best?

It’s easy to miss the signs of a fridge that needs repairing, especially since you don’t turn it on or off. Here are some common signs you should be on the lookout for to know when you might need to call in a handyman for help.

Hot Motor: Of course there will be some heat generated by your refrigerator. However, if that heat feels excessive at the back of the fridge, it might be time to call in the experts. It can mean that your coils are overheating, and might need to be replaced.

Condensation: If your fridge is starting to resemble a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, things are not looking good. Whether it’s sweating on the inside or outside, excessive condensation can be a sign of problems with your refrigerator. This could be a problem with the sealing or the temperature controls.

Frozen Freezer: Freezers should be cold, right? Well yes, but not too frosty. If your freezer is starting to look like a scene out of the movie Frozen, know that it shouldn’t! Defrosting is an option, but it might be the sign of a larger issue.

Spoiled Rotten: Perhaps the most obvious sign that something is amiss with your refrigerator is rotten food. If your produce and dairy products are going bad way faster than expected, it’s time to get the unit checked out.

If you’re noticing problems with your fridge, give us a call! Before outright replacing the appliance, it’s worth seeing if the problem is fixable. Let the experts help you out!

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