The difference is the people

49641338 - engineer reapiring domestic oven in kitchenWhen you have an issue with one of your appliances, we know you have lots of different options for repair service companies. You might wonder if you should go with a nationwide “big name” company or whether a small business is a better option. The truth is, if you’re hiring a reputable company, their technicians are going to be factory trained and certified to repair all of the major brands. What it really comes down to is the people you let into your home.

When you go with a franchise or nationwide brand, chances are the people that come to repair your appliance aren’t going to be passionate about what they do. Most of the time, these are people that happened to find themselves in this industry, and they have strict guidelines set by the company about what they’re allowed to do for customers (and we’ll give you a hint – it isn’t much).

Choosing a smaller, locally-owned company means that you’re choosing people who are heavily invested in the appliance repair industry, and carefully hires technicians that are excited about the field of work as well. After all, when you own your own business, you’re all in. There is no big name to fall back on, or some corporate entity to hand down guidelines and best practices. Everyone on our staff knows that they have the freedom to do what it takes to make our customers happy. You can see that they take that responsibility to heart when you read the reviews we’re received on our Facebook page.

At the end of the day, there are many well-trained people in your city that you could call to come and repair your appliance, and most of them will get the job done just fine. However, when you choose a small business like S&S Appliance Parts and Service, you’ll get so much more than that.

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